Cultural Anthropology: Culture, Cultures, & Cultural Relativism

Explores cultural anthropology, the anthropological idea of culture and how it turned to plural cultures. Anthropology must bid “Adieu Culture” (Trouillot 2003).

Content sections forthcoming. Preview with these related posts, or see my 2016 course Cultural Anthropology.

Ruth Benedict, Patterns of Culture: From Culture to Cultures

Explores the trajectory of cultural anthropology from a founding 1934 work by Ruth Benedict, which still compares favorably to Jared Diamond’s The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn From Traditional Societies?

Cultural Relativism 2011 – DSK, Guinea, Introduction to Anthropology

Assessing cultural relativism and anthropology as Mike McGovern’s “Before you Judge, Stand in Her Shoes” duels with “Don’t walk a mile in her shoes.”

Culture Doesn’t Matter – On “Culture Matters” and David Brooks

Does culture matter? Anthropology promoted culture, but the book Culture Matters–and David Brooks–reveal a perverted idea of culture.

Cosmo and Cosmopolitanism – Improving on Cultural Relativism?

Have promoters of anthropological cosmopolitanism considered the proximity of Cosmopolitan magazine? Does cosmopolitanism improve on cultural relativism?

Doubling-Down on Culture in Anthropology

Kottak and Gezon’s Culture uses a magazine-style textbook to double down on culture in anthropology. That’s problematic–culture is already everywhere.