Fetishizing Fieldwork

Adieu Culture: Fetishizing Fieldwork on the Road to Essentialism

Fieldwork and the ethnographic monograph invited closure around cultural wholes. Anthropology can defend the concept of culture while jettisoning the word.

Susanne Kuehling - Dobu

When culture starts looking like race: Dobu and why reifications matter

Anthropology saw culture as anti-race, yet descriptions of Dobu, recently revisited by Susanne Kuehling, show culture reified–and looking a lot like race.

Social Science for the Twenty-First Century

Science & Humanities Together – Anthropology Is Your Ally

An impassioned plea to lower the arrogance decibels. In the wake of Steven Pinker’s “Science Is Not Your Enemy” assessing humanities & science together.

War in the Tribal Zone & Napoleon Chagnon

Party Like It’s 1999 with Napoleon Chagnon!

If “anthropology’s future depends largely on its ability to contest the Savage slot” (Trouillot 2003:9), then how to take Napoleon Chagnon’s Noble Savages?

Brian Ferguson - Yanomami Warfare

Yanomami Ax Fight: Jared Diamond, Science, Violence & the Facts

The Ax Fight shows how Yanomami used steel axes long before anthropologists arrive. The Jared Diamond violence calculations must consider interconnection.

Patterns of Culture - Ruth Benedict

Patterns of Culture (1934) wins Jared Diamond (2012)

Ruth Benedict’s Patterns of Culture trumps Jared Diamond for conceptual clarity, writing style, ethnographic example, and impact. Pretty good for 1934.