White Hispanic

White-Race Problems: White Hispanic, White Black, Geraldo Rivera, Barack Obama

Don’t worry White people! White Hispanics and our White Black President will save us! Geraldo Rivera’s Fox News fact-twisting shows race retrenchment.

Virtual War and Magical Death - Technologies and Imaginaries for Terror and Killing

Public Anthropology and Bill Gates: We Cannot Abandon Humanity

Preparing for the biggest Jared Diamond review of all-time–by Bill Gates. As American Anthropology becomes Public Anthropology, we cannot abandon humanity.

Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean

Teaching Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean

Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean is less about “peoples and cultures” and more about processes at work across the Americas.

Cultural Relativism

Cultural Relativism 2011 – DSK, Guinea, Introduction to Anthropology

Assessing cultural relativism and anthropology as Mike McGovern’s “Before you Judge, Stand in Her Shoes” duels with “Don’t walk a mile in her shoes.”

Reproducing Race - Race Remixed

Race Remixed? — Probationary Whites and a Racism Reality Check

The idea of “Race Remixed” was always questionable. Census numbers didn’t show remixing, but a racism of persistent inequalities and “probationary whites.”