Tell Us about Globalization

The third edition of Lavenda and Schultz Anthropology: What Does It Mean to be Human? concluded with a chapter on “What Can Anthropology Tell Us about Globalization?” For my 2016 Introduction to Anthropology 2016 course, I combined those reflections with the last part of Jason De León, “Maricela” & “We Will Wait Until You Get Here” in The Land of Open Graves.

Globalization encounters can be told in many different ways. For an interesting re-telling of some of the first globalization encounters, check out the podcast Encounters Unforeseen: A Bicultural Retelling of 1492 with Andrew Rowen on This Anthro Life (2017).

For a related approach to answer the question of how anthropology can tell us about globalization, see the posts from 2017 on When did Globalization Begin? and Why Does Globalization Feel New? and finally What will happen in the future?