13. Colorism, COVID, Climate

For Peoples of Latin America and Caribbean 2021, after finishing the Sanabria textbook, our final class is on three themes that seem missing from the textbook: Colorism, COVID, and the Climate Crisis.

  1. Colorism. In our discussion of Race and Ethnicity, I was surprised Sanabria did not discuss colorism. Please check out this post from HIPLATINA, Colorism within the Latino Community. That will be our official reading on colorism, but you should also know that colorism is enacted by White people in the US and is an issue globally. (See “If You Is White, You’s Alright. . . .” Stories About Colorism in America by Kimberly Jade Norwood for a personal and scholarly account.)
  2. COVID. Sanabria could not have predicted the coronavirus. The article Covid‐19, Policing and (Anti)Fascism in Brazil by Susana Durão, Evandro Cruz Silva, and Wellynton Samuel Oliveira de Souza should help us make comparisons across the Americas.
  3. Climate Change. A chapter on climate change is truly an important missing component that should be in Sanabria’s textbook. Climate Change and the Victim Slot: From Oil to Innocence by David McDermott Hughes takes an interesting perspective on the oil-producing Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago.