Best World Anthropology Training (outside the Anglosphere)

This reader question is in some ways related to the question about what to do with a major in anthropology:

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto. Although my major is not related to Anthropology (it is Commerce), I have felt after graduating that Anthropology is much more suited to my interests and would like to pursue it as a possible career.

I am planning on taking some summer courses at my university to improve my applications to Masters programs as well as develop a better understanding of the field. I was hoping to ask you some quick questions about this matter.

I have looked endlessly for potential Universities for Masters programs, but have only found information on universities in the Anglosphere (US and the UK). I do not want to compromise my education but also do not want to graduate with a heavy debt, nor burden my family with such things.

Are there any other resources that you can suggest I look into for universities with good programs in Anthropology around the world? (European continent, South America, etc.) I am hoping that Anthropology is not just an Anglospheric affair.

Thank you,

In some ways, this question relates to what Virginia Dominguez asked in her 2011 Presidential Address to the American Anthropological Association:

I want to ask–and to have us all ask what it would mean for the AAA to recognize in full that at least one in five of its members does not live in the United States, and is not joining AAA in order to move to the United States. I want to ask what kind of association AAA would be if we were to embrace the idea that it is no longer de facto really a national association, even if it is headquartered and incorporated in the United States. (Comfort Zones and Their Dangers: Who Are We? Qui Sommes-Nous? 2012:402)

I recently had a chance to re-read that address–and it appeared on the updated 2013 What is Anthropology? page. But to what degree is anthropology primarily an Anglospheric affair?

Suggestions, comments?

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