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I’m Jason Antrosio, Professor and Chair of Anthropology at Hartwick College and co-editor of Open Anthropology. My co-authored book is Fast, Easy, and In Cash: Artisan Hardship and Hope in the Global Economy. I have also blogged at Anthropology Report and Artisan Possibilities, but I’ve now consolidated those efforts with Living Anthropologically.

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The best way to follow Living Anthropologically is via my feed on Twitter, where I have the most active interactions. I do post updates to LinkedIn, although the interactions there are not as vibrant. I also maintain a Pinterest page, but it is updated less frequently. There is an e-mail subscription list, where updates are more occasional. For RSS readers, the Living Anthropologically RSS Feed is best, although this only captures the blog-posts. I also have a YouTube channel, although I have not been using it much.

In the early days of Facebook, I used Facebook ads to build a successful following of over 20,000 likes for Living Anthropologically. But in light of the Facebook data-mining fiasco, I am limiting any use of Facebook to posts that link to sources outside of Facebook.

I do try to reply individually to comments on blog-posts. I keep comment streams open so people can continue the conversation. However, as of 2018 I’ve fallen behind on individual replies. I will try to catch up.

Best way to contact me individually is by e-mail. Thank you!

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