Too Much Time on My Hands?

In Cultural Ecology 2017 we speculated on big questions about the future of life in the Anthropocene. Question: How has industrial and post-industrial capitalism shaped our notions of time? Will anyone ever again have “too much time on my hands”?

The two readings were

The reading was supplemented by Bonin Bough’s lecture on Hackonomy

The reading could of course be accompanied by the classic 1981 Styx debut of “Too Much Time on My Hands”:

As well as the shot-by-shot 2016 remake from Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd:

Updates for Too Much Time on My Hands

To cite: Antrosio, Jason. 2017. “Too Much Time on My Hands?” Living Anthropologically website, First posted 16 April 2017. Revised 9 April 2020.

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