Hartwick Cultural Anthro 2018

This was the homepage for Hartwick College Cultural Anthropology 2018 taught by Jason Antrosio. There were three required books from Kenneth Guest:

  • The second edition Essentials of Cultural Anthropology: A Toolkit for a Global Age (2018).
  • The accompanying Reader for a Global Age which Guest edits (2018).
  • The second edition of the Fieldwork Journal.

Part 1: Culture, the basics

1. Chapter 1, “Anthropology in a Global Age”

2. Jason De León, from The Land of Open Graves
Edith Turner, “There Are No Peripheries to Humanity

3. Nancy Scheper-Hughes, “Mind(ing) the Body”
Fieldwork: “Making a Can of Coke Unfamiliar”

4. Chapter 2, “Culture”
Horace Miner, “Body Ritual among the Nacirema”

5. Lila Abu-Lughod, “Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving?”

6. Lucas Bessire, from Behold the Black Caiman
Fieldwork: “College Students and the Culture of Consumerism”

7. Chapter 3, “Fieldwork and Ethnography”

8. Barbara Myerhoff, from Number Our Days

9. Sienna Craig, “Portrait of a Himalayan Healer”
Fieldwork: “Mapping a Block”

10. Chapter 4, “Language”

11. Laura Bohannan, “Shakespeare in the Bush”

12. Laura Ahearn, “Literacy, Power, and Agency”
Fieldwork: “Language and Gender in the Classroom”

Part 2: Enter history & power

14. Chapter 5, “Race and Racism”

15. Karen Brodkin, “How Did Jews Become White Folks?”
Fieldwork: “Initiating a Classroom Conversation about Race”

16. Keisha-Khan Perry, “‘If We Didn’t Have Water’”

17. Jonathan Rosa and Yarimar Bonilla, “Deprovincializing Trump, decolonizing diversity, and unsettling anthropology”

18. Chapter 6, “Ethnicity and Nationalism”
Fieldwork: “Seeing the Business of Ethnicity” OR “Exploring Human Origins in the Museum”

19. Paul Farmer, “‘Landmine Boy’ and Stupid Deaths”

20. Audra Simpson, from Mohawk Interruptus

21. Chapter 7, “Gender”
Evelyn Blackwood, “Tombois in West Sumatra”
Emily Martin, “The Egg and the Sperm”

22. Bobby Benedicto from Under Bright Lights
Fieldwork: “Cartoon Commercials and the Construction of Gender” OR Fieldwork: “Creating a Code of Sexual Conduct”

23. Chapter 8, “Sexuality”
Deborah Gould, “Life During Wartime”

24. Chapter 9, “Kinship, Family, and Marriage”
Melvyn Goldstein, “When Brothers Share a Wife”
Fieldwork: “Mapping Kinship Relationships: Tracing Your Family Tree”

25. Dana-Ain Davis, “The Troubling Case of Nadya Suleman”
Donna Haraway, from Staying with the Trouble

26. Chapter 10, “Class and Inequality”
Fieldwork: “Ten Chairs of Inequality”

Part 3: The End of Cultural Anthropology

28. Chapter 11, “The Global Economy”
Elizabeth Dunn, from Privatizing Poland

29. Julie Y. Chu, “The Attraction of Numbers”
Fieldwork: “Tracking the Travels of a Chocolate Bar”

30. Gillian Tett, from Fool’s Gold: The Inside Story of J.P. Morgan (281-285)
Philippe Bourgois, “From Jíbaro to Crack Dealer” (238-249)

31. Chapter 12, “Politics and Power”
Margaret Mead, “Warfare is Only an Invention”

32. Carolyn Nordstrom, from Shadows of War
Melissa Checker, from Polluted Promises
Fieldwork: Exploring the Balance of Power in Human Relationships (59)

33. Chapter 13, “Religion”
George Gmelch, “Baseball Magic”

34. Daromir Rudnyckyj, “From Wall Street to Halal Street”
Kenneth J. Guest, “Fuzhounese Chinese Undocumented Workers”

35. Indigenous Speakers series: Dr. Rae Gould, Yager Museum
Chapter 15, “Art and Media”
Brent Luvaas, “Designer Vandalism”
Fieldwork: “Conducting an Ethnography of Art”

36. Chapter 14, “Health, Illness, and the Body”
Fieldwork: “An Immigrant Interview” OR Fieldwork: “Visit to a Religious Community”

37. Fassin, Le Marcis, and Lethata, “Life and Times of Magda A”
Michele Friedner, from Valuing Deaf Worlds in Urban India

38. Aimee Cox, “The BlackLight Project”
Karen Hansen, “Helping or Hindering?”

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