Bonobos Spied Sharing a Feast

For Intro-to-Anthropology 2018 there were two readings on primates. The first was Lavenda and Schultz, “What Can the Study of Primates Tell Us?” in Anthropology: What does it mean to be human?. The second was “Bonobos Spied Sharing a Feast” by Nicola Jones on Sapiens (2018).

In 2021 I updated the primate material in a class on Primate Flexibility:

These materials were for Intro to Anthropology 2018. What was unique about this class was that it was the one time I used “Bonobos Spied Sharing a Feast,” and so I’ve preserved that commentary below.

Food for Thought

I specifically wanted to read “Bonobos Spied Sharing a Feast” as a comparison point to the first 20 minutes of episode 10 of the Life of Mammals, Food for Thought.