Nellie McKay on Hydrofracking

Had the wonderful opportunity to see and hear Nellie McKay at a truly beautiful venue, the West Kortright Centre. Quite unbelievable, really, to be able to journey just a few miles from home in Oneonta to a converted church with fabulous acoustics and sit just a few feet from such an extraordinary talented singer-songwriter.

During the first set, McKay dedicated “Long and Lazy River” from her Pretty Little Head album to Governor Andrew Cuomo. “You have a long and lazy river–why do you want to hydrofrack it?” she asked. “Everybody needs to make money, but it’s better to sell your body than your soul.”

If anything good might come of a drought that is currently the worst drought in 56 years, perhaps it’s a reassessment of the importance, the value of water, and avoiding unnecessary risks to the water supply. Here in Oneonta, we’re in one of the most crucial water supply regions in the country. We all need to make money, but let’s not sell our soul for it.

You’re supposed to have a laugh
And have a lot to say
You’re supposed to have a gas
And make your getaway
But do you know you can’t be wrong?
How do you know you can’t be wrong?
You’ve got a long and lazy river to your soul
–Nellie McKay