13. Food Getting

For Introduction to Anthropology 2019 there were two readings:

  • Muckle and González chapter 10, “Food-Getting and Economics” (225-252).
  • Richard Borshay Lee, “Eating Christmas in the Kalahari.” Natural History (1969).

We also watched Ongka’s Big Moka as a way of linking together parts of this section of the course:

  1. Fieldwork: What’s it like?
  2. Language: What is Ongka saying?
  3. Food-Getting & Economics: What kind of society? What is the system of Moka?
  4. Kinship: How does kinship intersect with economics & politics?
  5. Gender: How is the division of labor gendered?
  6. Political Organization: What authority does Ongka have?
  7. What evidence of colonialism do you see? How is Ongka part of wider world?
  8. The film series is titled “Disappearing World.” Is Ongka’s world disappearing?

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