Latin America & Caribbean Anthropology 2020

This was a January 2020 Anthropology course using the second edition of The Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean by Harry Sanabria.

The course outline corresponded to the chapters in the Sanabria textbook:

1. Anthropology, Latin America, and the Caribbean

2. Before the Europeans

3. Conquest, Colonialism, and Resistance

4. Independence and Nation-Building

5. Cultural Politics of Race and Ethnicity

6. Gender, Sexuality, and Reproduction

7. Religion and Everyday Life

8. Food, Cuisine, and Cultural Expression

9. Striving For Health and Coping With Illness

10. Violence, Memory, and Justice

11. Neoliberalism, NAFTA, and Immigration

12. More Connections: Popular Culture, Tourism, and Digital Cultures

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