Rural Solutions

In 2012, I participated in a one-day symposium on “Rural Solutions: Economic Development on a Human Scale.” The material would eventually be useful for writing Fast, Easy, and In Cash: Artisan Hardship and Hope in the Global Economy

The symposium addressed themes of Microbusiness Development, Agriculture, and Community Development, connecting with the issues I was thinking about for the local schools:

Rural economic development has been a public policy puzzle for many years. Too often, policy makers look for economic development solutions that can also generate politically favorable headlines. In other words, they seek out large, well-known companies or fast-growing entrepreneurial gazelles that can generate dozens or even hundreds of jobs in a single well-publicized move. As a result, they frequently overlook the growth potential that exists in the indigenous resources–including human resources–of the community.

In addition to great discussions, there was a keynote with Michael Shuman, Director of Research and Marketing for Cutting Edge Capitol and author of Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity.

Special thanks to a great student, Dawn Rivers, for organizing this event. As of 2022, Dawn Rivers earned her PhD in Economic Anthropology at the University of North Carolina! Still working on rural solutions!

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