2. Evolution & Myths

Using the textbook Anthropology: What does it mean to be human? for Intro to Anthropology 2021 after reading What is Anthropology? we read module 1, “Anthropology, Science, and Storytelling.” From there, we went on to discuss more about how Evolution is Life in Process.

One key idea that carries us from this class to the next is the importance of understanding what a scientific theory is:

Scientists speak of a scientific theory only when they are able to link up a series of testable hypotheses in a coherent manner to explain a body of material evidence. Scientific theories are the combined result of sifting data, testing hypotheses, and imagining how all the resulting information might be put together in an enlightening way. Scientific theories are taken seriously because they account for a wider range of material evidence in a coherent, persuasive manner even though their hypotheses remain open to testing and possible falsification. (28)

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