Volunteer Tourism

Reading Suggestions?

I am posting this as a request for helpful readings and sources on Volunteer Tourism. The request comes via a Twitter message from Claire Hoeschele, an undergraduate anthropology student:

This summer, I will be doing a research project on Volunteer Tourism and orphanage tourism in Costa Rica. Through qualitative evaluation methods, I hope to gain insight about what these experiences mean to all parties involved. I have been conducting background research since January of this year, and am currently reading Karen Stocker’s ethnography Tourism and Cultural Change in Costa Rica: Pitfalls and Possibilities. However, I’m looking for more reading suggestions from anthropology since I have been reading a lot from sustainable tourism. Lastly, if anyone is familiar with qualitative evaluation methods and literature on teaching ESL, then that would be much appreciated as well. Thanks for your time.

Volunteer Tourism Resources

I would be grateful if folks could drop a comment in the Disqus thread below, and I’ll also try to compile suggestions here.

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