7. Body Work

This is the comment page for diving further into “The Body” of Introducing Anthropology in Cultural Anthropology. Your comments might usefully build on something you noted in the previous class on The Body. You may also wish to build on your previous Public Space fieldwork. Or you may want to strike out in a new direction.

Here are some possibilities:

  1. Do something like the Activity described on p.63, which basically means doing additional research on one of the topics. Or you could get really into Bourdieu’s Habitus on YouTube. You won’t be expected to do a presentation, but simply comment below about what you’ve learned. The official activity suggests using the virtual Body Art collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum, and although you don’t need to use that source, I would ask that you use something related to anthropology in your research.
  2. “Interview an elderly person and ask them to tell you what the ideal of beauty was during their youth” (62). I would add that it could also be someone who knows something about an outside-the-typical ideal of beauty.
  3. Does the UK survey on beauty products (59) ring true for the United States?
  4. Compare and contrast the industry around skin lightening products (65-67) with the industry around tanning products.