Women Speak

Open Anthropology on Gender, Language, & Power

Following the March 2019 Open Anthropology issue on Walls, Fences, and Barriers: Anthropology on the Border (and see the previous blog-post for additional resources), our upcoming issue will focus on gender, language, and power. The issue was tentatively titled “When Women Speak” although that may need to change because of a recent conference and website that has claimed that name. Perhaps “Women Speak” or “Women Speaking”–open to suggestions!

Open Anthropology draws on the Anthrosource/Wiley-Blackwell journals to make available 15 articles as free-to-read for one year. We also point to additional resources within and beyond anthropology in our Editors’ Notes and on this blog.

We are currently assembling material, so let us know via the comments below or via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook what are some key articles and resources you would like to see made free-to-read or referenced.

Resources on Women Speaking

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